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Specialized Divisions have been created within Personal 

Injury to enable concentrated and dedicated staff to acquire in- depth knowledge of their specified area.


The division liaises closely with Claims Executives in monitoring claims files at the labor courts to ensure timely updates of hearings and pleadings from our lawyesr are promptly on passed to our principals up to the finality of the claim.

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This division monitors medical updates and gathers data form medical reports issued by Pandiman's accredited post medical P & I doctors for prompt reporting to the Owners/P & I Clubs. The medical division aids the Claims Executives in their over-all handling of P & I claims for Owners's consideration.

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The Endorsement Division closely monitors all related local expenses incurred on any given claim. If found reasonable, approval/letter of endorsement is issued to the manning agent concerned in accordance with the vessel's terms of entry and Club's rule for Owners' ultimate indemnity from the Club.

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