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49 Settlements take place at Pandiman for the month of June, 2020

As the Philippine government announced yesterday that General Community Quarantine will be extended further until the 15th of July, settlements with Seafarers continue at Pandiman, with 49 Settlements taking place during the month of June.

With all safety protocols in place, the settlement conference rooms are all well prepared and sanitised before and after each settlement. Temperature checks, masks and social distancing protocols are stringently followed.

In spite of the difficulty that the GCQ restrictions impose and with the numbers of COVID-19 patients on the rise in the Philippines, some seafarers have managed to make it in for the settlements to take place. Domestic flights are only operating at 30 per cent capacity, which also presents problems. From seafarers homes where there are no flight requirements, seafarers have to undergo COVID-19 testing and obtain a travel pass, a medical clearance from their local barangay and police clearances for the journey into the National Capital Region. A particular issue presents itself for those who are senior citizens as there is a strict travel ban in place for anyone over the age of 60.

Despite the travel bans, cancelled flights and other COVID-19 restrictions, an additional five settlements are scheduled at Pandiman this first week in July. With all the safety protocols firmly in place in the Pandiman Building, we continue to move forward during these uncertain times.

Pandiman Managers and Staff

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