An Emergency Repatriation during Covid Lock Down

While we are used to handling seafarer’s that are medically repatriated as part of our duty, due to Covid19 pandemic, simple repatriations are becoming extremely difficult.

On 6 April we received a notification from Club for a new case, requiring immediate repatriation from Nola (New Orleans), advising seafarer’s arrival at the airport on 8 April 2020 at 22:05H diagnosed with Acute Perforated Appendicitis. Various coordination was made with the local manning agent and the clinic where the seafarer will be referred, ensuring that everything is in place, upon the seafarer’s arrival.

Our Company Representative assisted in meeting the seafarer at NAIA International airport, and directly transported the latter to the hospital via ambulance, for immediate evaluation. As part of the hospital’s protocol, COVID Swab Test was done and COVID test result was released on 17 April, wherein the seafarer tested negative. After series of medical examinations, the seafarer successfully underwent the recommended surgery and patient was discharged on 21 April. In view of the lockdown, ambulance service was arranged, to avoid any inconveniences going to his home province.

At present seafarer is recuperating at home and will be scheduled for re- evaluation soonest the ECQ is lifted.

Prepared by: Gilbey Jane Endaya

Claims Exec. - Crew Claims Division