Pandiman 24 hour Emergency Team - locating scarce hospital beds during MECQ

Pandiman received instruction from the Club/Owners to intervene and coordinate with the appointed agent in regard to the medical treatment of a Ukrainian crewmember and repatriation of Greek crew.

The Ukrainian crew flew from Ukraine to Manila to join the vessel at Manila Bay where crew changes are scheduled to take place. He was tested in Ukraine and was found to be Covid free. Upon arrival in Manila on 26 July 2020, as part of the local procedures, he was re-tested, together with the Greek crew and remained in a government approved hotel under quarantine, waiting for the result.

The following day the result was received, showing that the Ukrainian crew was unfortunately positive for SARS-CoV-2 (causative agent of COVID-19).

We were further advised by the agent, on 29 July, that the Ukrainian crewmember started to experience symptoms of body weakness, cough and fever.

With the drastic increase of covid cases in the Philippines, especially in the past 72 hours, all hospitals in the NCR are full to capacity. Pandiman has initiated a 24-hour Management Team operation, who are updated on a daily basis by all local clinics and hospitals, with regards to room availability.

After exhaustive efforts, the team were able to locate a hospital that could accommodate the Ukrainian crewmember. Pandiman's Company representative, together with an ambulance and medical team, picked up the crewmember from the hotel on the afternoon of 31 July and transported him to the hospital. He is currently admitted and placed temporarily in the Isolation room pending release of test results. He is stable and being medical managed by the hospital's Infectious Disease Specialist and Pulmonologist.

View the Guidelines for areas under MECQ (Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine) on the link below.