Pandiman and the Philippine Coast Guard - When a crewmember dies at sea

On the 18 of July, Pandiman received advice from the Club that, while deviating to Manila for effecting crew changes, a 57 year old Filipino 3rd Engineer had regrettably passed away in his cabin. The vessel was due to arrive Manila on 21 July and Pandiman alerted the Coast Guard to stand by for the usual assistance.

On Tuesday, the 21 July, the vessel arrived in Manila Bay at around 0430hrs. There was a delay in issuing a medical clearance from Quarantine and the Coast Guard, Pandiman Company Representative, Ferdie Cruz and Funeral Homes staff left at the Port of Manila at around 1830hrs after loading the tugboat. While inside breakwater, the team decided not to push through with the operation in view of strong winds and rough seas. As the unfavorable weather conditions continued, it was decided to return to the Port of Manila to transfer to a larger tugboat. They left the pier at 21:00 hours in a second attempt to reach the vessel.

Two hours later, the team arrived at the vessel and began operations to offload the seafarers remains. The operation was completed within the hour and the tugboat and team where on their way back to the pier by 23:45.

Upon arrival at the Port of Manila at 0108hrs, the seafarers remains were immediately brought to the Funeral Home to await complete documents in order for the seafarer’s transport to his provincial hometown in Cebu City.