Pandiman Philippines Inc., Webinar - Covid19 Update in the Philippines

Pandiman Philippines Inc., headed by Capt. Andrew J. Malpass and Mrs. Fiona C. Malca, President and Chief Financial Officer respectively, hosted their first webinar entitled “COVID-19 Update in the Philippines”, 2nd of September, 2020. Former Judge Marjorie Nolasco of Nolasco & Associates Law Offices together with Atty. John Reyes of Reyes, Reyes & Rivera Lumibao Law Offices were the guest speakers.

The Webinar started at 4:00 PM Philippine time and lasted for 122 minutes. Mrs. Fiona Malca delivered a timely update of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Philippines. Capt. Andrew Malpass next talked about how the maritime industry is affected as well as how to protect the interest both of the shipowners and the seafarers. Both Mrs. Malca and Capt Malpass highlighted how Pandiman is giving its best despite difficulty and challenges due to the COVID Pandemic.

Former Judge Nolasco then presented a run-through of COVID-19-related issuances pertinent to Seafarers’ Compensation Claims. Finally, Atty. John Reyes gave an overview of the Community Guidelines in the Philippines. A 45-minute Question and Answer then followed with the 83 attendees.

Considering the status of the COVID-19 in the Philippines, Pandiman Philippines Inc. will be hosting another webinar beneficial for all in the industry in the near future.

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Reference materials of the Webinar:

Recorded Webinar Meeting via ZOOM -

Fmr. Judge Marjorie Nolasco presentation -

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