Fun Raiser AND Fund Raiser - Pandiman #UKPHpedalon2020

Updated: May 28, 2020

As our moderated Quarantine comes to a close, the Philippines turns to a more general quarantine period commencing June 1.

Pandiman are supporters of various organisations in the Philippines that normally fund raise through group events, meetings and socials. Of course such events have not been taking place for the past three months due to the lock down in this and in other countries around the globe.

In an attempt to lift community spirits and hopefully raise funds for these organisations, Fiona and Andy will be cycling from our office in Intramuros to the British Embassy in Taguig, at topical 19 km. Please support #UKPHpedalon2020 by passing on the below flyer to others, tweeting the photos we will be sending along the way and by sending a small donation to the organisation/organisations of your choice through our treasurer, whose email appears below.

Thank you for your kind support of this fun raiser and fund raiser! #UKPHpedalon2020