Pandiman Celebrates Sea Sunday 2020 - July 12

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Every year, churches around the world celebrate Sea Sunday: remembering seafarers in prayer, giving thanks for the crucial work they do. This year the celebration will continue, but in a slightly different format.

We are very grateful to Holy Trinity Church, to Choir Master Domino Marcos and to Father Charles Mock for hosting Sea Sunday Service this year, on line. For five years now, the Sailors' Society Ambassadors of the Manila Chapter have organised Sea Sunday services at the Holy Trinity. The Sailors' Society is a 200 year old British Charity, whose Patron is her Majesty the Queen of England and we have been very grateful for the support throughout the years of British Ambassador to the Philippines, Daniel Pruce and his wife Rachael, Her Majesty's Consul, Martin O'Neill and Vicki Bates from the British Embassy. Unfortunately, this year we are not able to gather together because of COVID-19. We will miss the cadets from IMEC, the Magsaysay Children's Chorale, the Propeller Club Scholars and the traditional lunch that is sponsored by Pandiman for the 300 service participants.

However this year, even more, we are asking you to remember seafarers as they play a vital role in the fight against COVID-19. They are keeping our supermarket shelves stocked through the crisis and they are also transporting Personal Protective Equipment and vital medical equipment to keep the world safe.

The sacrifices seafarers are making are greater than ever. With global travel restrictions in force, many seafarers are faced with the anxious reality of being stranded thousands of miles from home when their contract ends, not knowing when or how they will be able to return to their loved ones.

Sea Sunday gives us all the opportunity to give thanks for the seafarers of the world, to celebrate their work, to reflect upon the difficult and often dangerous issues that they face daily and to be reminded of the ministry of the port chaplains of the Sailors' Society and other Maritime Missions.

Please join us this year, at 9:00 am on the facebook link below.

We have attached the Service Leaflet.

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Service Leaflet link:

You may also wish to view our article on Pandiman assisting Mission to Seafarers at the end of last week (click the link below)

Enjoy the coming weekend and we hope you have a happy and safe Sea Sunday.

The Pandiman and SSI Family